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My Shooting Journey
Welcome To My Country Adventure


"I really like what Andrea does: inspire others through her journey of learning clay shooting"
"I think Andrea is doing fantastic, She is making this niche look  a lot more attractive" 
"What Andrea proposes to this industry has no precedent. She is extremely elegant and takes care of the aesthetic aspect, making it particularly attractive."
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About Me


My Shooting Journey has been described as Europe's most prestigious Sporting network for country lifestyle


My Shooting Journey is an ode to the countryside which can be followed both here in this website as well as in social media, where tales about fieldsports and country clothing are told under striking aesthetics.

 It started as a Journey where I documented what it was like to learn a new hobbie, and how hard I trained in order to win my first 2 regional English Sporting competitions that same year.

I indtroduced my own clothing style to the sport and it has become a source of inspiration for people who like to stay chic and comfortable while in the country.


 Nowadays MSJ is a powerful network where all individuals share 1 thing in common: the love for the outdoors and country living, so we also spend some time travelling around Europe organising parteidge shoots in Spain, clay shooting challenges and Live pigeon shooting competitions in a secret place in Spain–one of the few clubs in the world where this modality is still legal. You can join these trips or get help from me to organise your next shooting trip by clicking "shooting trips" in the menu.

On top of the blog, instagram and shooting trips, you can also have a look at the beautiful garments I sell in my online hunting shop, curated by me for you! We ship worldwide and all currencies are available in "shop" up in the menu.

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Created by Andrea - My Shooting Journey 2022

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