My Shooting Journey
Welcome To My Shooting Adventure

By Andrea

My Shooting Journey

In 2014, I moved to Sweden from Spain. I had a great future ahead of me as a lawyer and I loved spending my weekends close to my family and friends in Madrid, but due to the crisis in 2008, I left everything I had in Spain, and moved to Stockholm with my husband. I didn't speak Swedish, I had no friends, no job, and I couldn't work as a lawyer, so I had to start over from scratch, but I was ready for the challenge: 


As I couldn't work as a lawyer, I worked as a Project Manager in a Market Research Company, where I learnt strategies to launch new products into new markets. Then I got recruited as a Media & Sales Manager for an acknowledged global business magazine. After breaking the company's sales record, I got promoted to Communications Director for EMEA, and I spent 4 years of my life talking to CEOs and Presidents of multi-billion companies, so my brain and business thinking has been moulded by the best business individuals in the world. I lived in London and Singapore and spent a lot of time working with CEOs who loved golf and tennis, and others liked to hunt, so I started getting interested in shooting thanks to some of my clients and my husband.

I started shooting in January 2019 and I won my first 2 competitions after 6 months of training: The Noppe Cup 2019 and the Klubbmästerskap 2019 (both in the ladies category).

I am not a professional shooter yet, but the beauty of My Shooting Journey relies on building a Global Shooting Community where by sharing my experiences I am hoping to inspire others to start shooting. Due to the professional and Olympic shooters that I train with, I also document some of their routines and the tips they have given me. 


During my first year, I have introduced dozens of people to this great sport, and they loved it.  The majority hated guns, but I took the time to talk about gun safety, and now they all have a huge respect for the shooting community. They all continue shooting, and some of them are preparing for their first clay shooting competition,  so I am extremely proud of them.

Due to my broad network within the Outdoor Industry and my expertise in the Media Sector, I also help companies in the luxury industry with the right connections and I also produce marketing campaigns, videos and websites like this one you are currently looking at.

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My Shooting Journey

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My Shooting Journey has been described as Europe's most prestigious Sporting network–Source: Sportarm.

 It started as a Journey where I documented what it was like to learn to shoot, and how hard I trained in order to win my first 2 regional English Sporting competitions that same year.


 Nowadays MSJ is a powerful network where all individuals share 1 thing in common: The Love For The Outdoors.

From Fine Guns to Cars, Cigars and unique destinations, discover the world through the lens of a female Sporting shooter.


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Thank You

To my family & friends for supporting me every time I get out of my comfort zone. I thank them for following me in my adventures. I am also grateful to my sponsors and my mentors, for helping me raise awareness of this sport, because even though is tough, it has helped me become a stronger woman.