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Influencer marketing has changed the way brands and retailers connect with their audiences, and after my experience collaborating with the best country brands in Europe, I have personally courated a network of country related businesses and a powerful audience genuinely interested in the countryside.

If you would like to do business with any of the brands or retailers I collaborate with, or need help with Spanish, Swedish, Italian or British country companies, My Shooting Journey  is the place where connections are made, regardless of the language barrier.

You can read a few testimonials below and see some of the brands I have introduced to new retailers at the bottom of the page in the collaborations booth.

Don't hesitate to contact me via an instagram direct message to @myshootingjourney !

The Country Connection

Connect with the best brands, retailers, clubs and estates

Kam Sahota,

Director Alan Pain Knitwear Ltd:


"As a brand we recognise the importance of finding the right social media influencer.


Andrea embodies the spirit of the brand and creates excellent, informative and interesting posts with engaging content.

She is proactive and open to looking at different ways to develop the collaboration and we would definitely recommend working with Andrea." ​


Mauro Perazzi,

CEO Armi Perazzi Spa


"What Andrea proposes to this industry has no precedent.

She is extremely elegant and takes care of the aesthetic aspect, making it particularly attractive.


Her pictures and videos make the audience experience the event first hand , bringing brands closer to people"


Kaylie Bloxham,

Founder & Director Bloxham PR:


"We love Andrea’s enthusiastic and thorough approach to her work.
The social media images she produces for My Shooting Journey are consistently stunning and showcase our brands beautifully.
Andrea is the perfect balance of professional and friendly, a pleasure to work with."

Bloxham PR

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