Interactive Walk To Stand 7

Well, if there is a reason why My Shooting Journey is doing well, it is only because I take very seriously what you guys suggest. I spend hours of my day reading your messages, emails, comments and whenever someone makes a suggestion, I would always take it into consideration.

Sometimes when you suggest things, I may agree, or disagree, but the truth is that I get inspired. When I was asked yesterday if I would use the website to post videos, I thought: "Why not?"

So even if I am not a professional video editor, and my filming skills are not the best in the world, I hereby share with you my first ever video edited with my new camera.

When I bought this camera, I did purely because I am a massive believer in technology and how it can help us improve our shooting and connect with each other. So in this video I have tried to give you a first hand experience of what it is like to walk with me to one of Skokloster Wings & Clays' Club stands.

So, put your gun in your shoulders, stand up, and walk with me to one of the most exciting stations in this shooting ground!!

Enjoy! and share if you want me to do more interactive videos!!

PS: Yes, The music is mine (I composed it using Logic, which I love), and it is Lubbe from ShotsNpots walking with me!

(Watch in full screen for a full interactive experience)