Lessons Learnt From A World Champion: A Day With Jorge Guardiola.

On my most recent trip to Madrid, I was fortunate enough to spend a day with a world champion who became famous after his Bronze medal in Seoul.

I don't get opportunities like this every day, so I immediately called my best friends and took them to Somontes Shooting Club with me.

Jorge gave us a master class, and I wanted to share with you 3 tips he gave us.

I also documented everything with my new camera and you will find a very cool video at the end.


How many of you have lost a couple of points in a competition on the easiest targets? I have, and when talking about this with Jorge, he told me our biggest enemy is the rush to shoot. Sometimes we are hasty, too quick, and the adrenaline can play tricks on us, so calm yourself down and don't rush.


Mould, change your technique depending on what you shoot. There is not a single technique to kill all clays or birds, depending on the target, be it clay or bird, we will have to shoot differently. Some clays fly slowly and allow you to aim and follow through, but we need to take into account if it is too fast or too slow to shoot it one way or another, so we will use different ways to shot that target. So be flexible with your technique and shoot according to the type of target.


The stock should go directly to the cheek, the shoulder should naturally engage with the arms and we should never start mounting from the shoulder and then bring the cheek to the stock, that is a huge mistake newbies without instructors do. Remember, the stock comes to your cheek. This is achieved with a lot of dry mounts in front of a mirror.

Thank You Jorge and Club De Tiro de Madrid Somontes for a wonderful day!