She's Got The Power: Pilar Calvo, Representing Female Shooters

1.When did you start shooting and why?

I started shooting back in 1993.

In August after the ’92 Olympic Games, I went Barcelona and visited the Olympic Stadium. Being there, I felt such a special emotion that I immediately decided I had to participate in the Olympic Games.

So, when I returned home to Madrid, I checked all the available Olympic Sports that had competed that year in Barcelona and I made a list of all them. At that time I was 22 years old, so I was too old to start with some of them. However, I tried a few, like fencing, but didn’t really liked it. And I finally found one that caught my attention: skeet shooting.

By then Christmas had arrived, so I took the opportunity and asked my mother for a shotgun as a Christmas gift.

I started shooting in January 1993, but then I quit in 1999 because the Spanish Shooting Federation showed no interest in women.

Nevertheless, I always had in mind my objective of participating in The Olympic Games, so in 2007 I went returned to the shooting range. And here I am training for Tokyo.

2.What has been your biggest achievement in a competition?

In 2014 I won the bronze medal in the International Grand Prix, 70/75 held in Granada. I beat Kimberly Rhode!

3. Who inspires you to shoot better?

It is not the "who" that inspired me, but "what" inspires me and it is to win an Olympic quota place to Tokyo.

4.Why did you start The Spanish Association for Women in Sports?

Because the discrimination of women in sports is huge and there was no one fighting for us. I decided with 3 friends of mine to start the first Spanish Association for Women in Sports.

5.What problems did you encounter in the Sports Industry when you founded the association?

Too many. Lack of a laws that treat women as professionals with the same rights as men have. No media cover for women in sports. Less prizes in competitions…

6.What have been your biggest achievements as an association/What things did you manage to change?

We have managed to make organisers, sponsors, championships and tournaments all over Spain give equal prizes to men and women.

Likewise, we have raised the problems of women who are athletes in the media, so that society is aware of all the challenges we still face and end up demanding a change, such as the anti-pregnancy clauses written in the contracts of soccer, basketball players, and many more.

7.Where do you see the association in 5 years from now?

Still fighting to achieve total gender equality in sport in Spain and helping other countries to achieve it too.

8.What are your top 3 shooting grounds in the world to practice Skeet?

I like all the ranges I’ve been to, but I prefer those which have the sky as background.

9. What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are horse riding, sailing, diving, traveling, opera…

10.What is your main goal for 2020?

My main goal for 2020 would be to participate in the Olympic Games Tokyo.