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My Shooting Journey
From The City To The Countryside

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Annika Purdey, A Style Icon.

Not only is she a renowned British contributor to Tatler Magazine, but also a great ambassador for the hunting community. Her impeccable countryside outfits and looks speak for themselves. And to tell you a little secret, when I don't know what to wear when I go shooting, I often go to her instagram feed to get some inspiration, so she has definitely had an impact on My Shooting Journey. Ladies and Gentleman, Annika Purdey.

Photocredit @ollyhopkinsonphoto

In this occasion, I talk to Annika talk about all things shooting and her early life, so as expected, the result is a fantastic interview in which we get to know Annika more deeply, and I came to the conclusion that she is more than just the granddaughter of James Purdey. She is really an example of dedication and hard work. Everything she does is top quality: her articles, her pictures and in general her great taste for aesthetics, you can talk about anything with her, and she is definitely the go-to-person for luxury shooting tips:

1. Who is Annika Purdey? Where were you born and how did you spend your teenage days?

I was born in Sweden. My mother is Swedish and my father Richard Purdey, British. I grew up in Sussex in the south of England. My teenage years were spent between boarding school and tearing around between the countryside and London with my friends! 

2. Your Surname sounds very familiar to a lot of people, can you tell us what is the connection with Purdey?

I am the great, great, great, great Granddaughter of the founder of James Purdey & Sons! A world renowned luxury shooting brand, founded over 200 years ago. 

Photocredit @ollyhopkinsonphoto

3. You seem to be engaged in the shooting community, is hunting a passion to you? If so, when did you started hunting and why?

I am very engaged in shooting. I’m a Contributing Editor at Tatler Magazine as well as contributing to other luxury publications and I write about the finest places to shoot around the world all season, as well as about luxury brands and style. Im very fortunate to do a job a truly love. I was surrounded by a love of shooting from a young age through my family’s love of the sport, and first fired a shotgun aged about 12! 

4. Your outfits are an inspiration to me, what is your favourite brand when it comes to countryside clothing?

Thank you! Well of course my favourite brand is Purdey! We do the most fantastic women’s wear which is both technically correct and stylish, but we also design wonderful luxury pieces which are as good in the City as in the country. I adore fashion, and before becoming a mother and Editor, I was a model for many years. 

5. Who inspires you the most in your life?

My father. He’s hardworking, passionate about what he does, and above all kind and considerate of others. 

Photocredit @ollyhopkinsonphoto
Photocredit @ollyhopkinsonphoto

6. What is your opinion on how hunters utilise Social Media these days? 

That’s quite a broad question! I think when done well and with sensitivity, it can be a wonderful thing. 

7. What are your hobbies? 

I love fashion and art, Interior design, architecture etc but I also love sport, tennis, skiing, riding and shooting of course! 

Photocredit: @ollyhopkinsonphoto

8.What are your passions?

I’m pretty passionate about quality. In pretty much everything! I believe in doing and giving your best. 

9. What has been your biggest achievement in life?

My children. Cosmo and Octavia. They both bring me immense joy and make me laugh, a lot! They also both love shooting!

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10. What can you tell us about the female shooting community in The UK? Any advice to women who are interested in joining?

The female shooting community in the UK is amazing, and growing so fast. My advice to women who want to join in, find a great shooting ground/school in your area and book some lessons! Purdey owns the Royal Berkshire Shooting School in Berkshire, this is a seriously great facility and a fantastic place to learn. It’s extremely welcoming to everyone from young guns, to beginners, to people who already shoot but just wanting to fine hone their skills pre season. It also has some of the best coaches in the UK and holds regular ladies days and charity competitions. It has a Sporting Agency to source you the very best shooting around the world.  You will always make new friends in the shooting community, these days it’s very inclusive and very female friendly. 

Photocredit @ollyhopkinsonphoto

11.Favourite place outside the city?

The Cotswolds. It’s just beautiful, I visit as often as I can and it has some fantastic shoots too! It’s a must visit if you come to the UK. 

12. Favourite Place in London?

Mayfair. Especially around  Mount Street and South Audley Street where our shop is. It’s an incredibly elegant part of London, beautiful architecture and fabulous restaurants, hotels, private members clubs such as Annabels, Marks Club and George, and the most incredibly chic shopping. I got married in the Grosvenor Chapel in the heart of Mayfair, and my children were christened there. It’s a very special place historically for my family. It’s very definitely my urban spiritual home! 

13. What can you tell us about The Purdey Awards?

The Purdey Awards were started by my father Richard Purdey in 1999. They are held annually and their aim is to promote a wider understanding of the conservation benefits to the countryside by good practice shooting and game management. Also to give recognition to those who work tirelessly in the field, reintroducing habitats for wildlife to thrive in and managing land to create perfect breeding conditions for wild game. They are open to any type of shoot anywhere within the United Kingdom. The awards are currently chaired by his Grace, the Duke of Wellington. 

This year the Gold Award was won by the Irish Grouse Conservation Trust, in recognition of their remarkable work in moorland recovery, which has managed to reverse the decline of the Irish Grouse population. 

The awards this year were kindly presented by Sir Nicolas Soames, who is a British Conservative party politician and the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill. He is also a champion of the great British countryside and a keen shot all his life. 

This year the awards were held at Apsley House. The truly stunning London home of the Duke and Duchess of Wellington. The Duke is Chairman of the judging panel of the Purdey Awards, having taken over from his father. 

The highlights are seeing how many incredible people devote their working lives to improving and managing the countryside in the UK for the benefit of everyone,  wildlife and future generations. It’s quite humbling and it’s not always a particularly glamorous job, especially in the depths of winter. 

The attendees are a real mixture of Award entrants, to guests of Purdey and press. It’s everyone from Keepers and beaters to the landowners and Dukes! The awards are very inclusive of everyone involved, as we all know it takes a whole team to run an estate/shoot/farm successfully. It’s often very lovely to see a large landowner insist that his keeper go up onto the stage to collect the award on behalf of the Estate. 

Photocredit @ollyhopkinsonphoto


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