What Is It Like To Shoot Pigeons In Spain

There are enormous, beautiful, T-1 and extremely-well-taken-care-of Fincas in Spain. You might be interested in Spanish Ibex and its 4 subspecies, but also chamois and of course you might be attracted to the famous Spanish Montería hunts which is a medieval tradition for big game hunting.

But what you have probably never imagined is that some fincas also offer the possibility of doing "sueltas" which you might have never heard of, but if you like pigeon shooting, this is your thing.

15 stands, 1400 birds, 15 guns, friends and good weather. What else can you ask for? The different stands are situated in a circle, surrounding the thrower of pigeons which is in the middle. The wind plays a big role here as the birds tend to go in that direction, however the shooters go around in circles and change stations so they can have a variety of angles, birds and equal opportunities to shoot.

I thought of explaining what is it like to participate in a "Suelta de Palomas", however I think you might prefer to watch a 30 second video of my husband in one of these stands. They seem easy, but believe me, these Spanish pigeons are really "Locas" and difficult to shoot!

I tried to make it as user friendly as possible when filming it, so you could experience first hand, what is it like to be there: